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Personal Profile:





Outstanding ability to train and motivate employees in a wide variety of tasks and environments.  Excellent organizational skills within a team environment particularly experienced at troubleshooting and re-organizing offices, profit and non profit corporations, farms and a variety of projects. Effective multi-lingual communicator (English, Italian, French, Spanish, and some German) .   Strong background in marketing, accounting and investments. Strong computer knowledge- Good with numbers - Detailed oriented and Customer oriented.Backhoe, Farm Tractor, Dozier and Dump-Truck operator class A - C. D. L. license.

Ability to train horses stressful free, follower of the Federico Caprilli Riding Method, experience in Classical Spanish Riding with Andalusia-horses and Lipizzan-horses, attended the Spanish Riding School " Ca' Del Conte" Italy. A lifetime experience, which create a patient and understanding of the equine language, no limitation to the training.


Career Objective:





A position in management, marketing, accounting and developing as well in leading training and teaching, which utilizes my skills in personnel supervision; training, accounting/administration and complete equine care management.






Vilfredo Pareto Technical Institute, Rome, Italy

Degree in Public Accounting



University of Rome School of Law, Rome, Italy Course work in Law




Computer Skills


IBM-compatible Computers.  Various spreadsheets; Word, Works, Excel, Front Page




Work Experiences


Secret Acres Stables Inc. & Successful Dream Equestrian Center (NP Corp.), Naples ME, 04055 Manager & Director of the Educational Program



Double-M Equine Services, Iowa City, Iowa



  • Training, Teaching, Consultant
  • Educational Horsemanship- (emphasis in training and managing).
  • Buying-training and horses sale
  • Equine Appraiser, member of the America Association of Equine Appraisers.
  •  Stallions handling.





Kirkwood Community College, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Horsemanship Instructor



Developer for a Course in: Educational Horsemanship.  Emphasis in training and managing.


(1987 -1997)

Double-M Equine Services, Georgetown, South Carolina & South     Brunswick, North Carolina






  • Owned and operated a business which specialized in training dressage and show jumping horses and riders and designing and building specialized equipment related to equestrian sports.
  • Designed and built equestrian courses, jumps, stables, tack furniture and other items.

         Utilized word-of-mouth advertising to gain contracts in other construction fields, including residential and commercial remodeling and finish carpentry on new residential construction.

         Trained, horses and riders, for the highest level of professional equestrian events (Grand Prix).



Country Club Roma Italy






         Organized and operated a non-profit equestrian and recreational club which included a restaurant, bar, and riding, swimming and other recreational facilities.

         Organized six other similar clubs.



Agos S. p. a. - Rome & Milan Italy



Regional Manager



         Organized and managed and lead of 4 Branch Managers, 8 Supervisors and 25 Financial Advisors.

         Personal Financial Planner.



Fideuram Bank - Rome Italy



Financial Advisor & Supervisor

  • Organized and managed and lead 12 Financial Advisors.
  • Personal Financial Planner.
  • Financial Advisor & Supervisor
  • Organized and managed and lead 12 Financial Advisors.



Unicredit Xelion Bank- Rome Italy



Financial Advisor Consultant

         Search, screen and recruit Financial Advisors.



Project Federico Caprilli Method: link



Project: "Riding in Relaxation":



Project: Outdoor training for Sale-Agents & Managers



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